I am an epistemologist and existential ethicist.

My current research focuses on the nature of justification. I think that justification is the foundation of our uniquely humanly lives in that it structures all of our intentional action as well as provides value to our actions and life projects. 

The best accounts of the nature of justification derive from Aristotle and Kant and are pictures of us as self-constituting, self-creating, self-constructing individuals whose very essences are bound up with the demand we place on ourselves to justify our lives.

I've got a book out, coauthored with Addison Ellis, Robert Hanna, Tyler Hildebrand, and Henry Pickford, entitled In Defense of Intuitions: A New Rationalist Manifesto. Click here to access a PDF of the full book. Click here to view the information at the publisher's website.

Click here to view my dissertation, entitled How Justification Works. Therein, I explain how justification works. 

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