Online Learning

On this page, you can find lectures I've produced specifically for online viewing. You can also find an entire introductory course in philosophy as well as various other videos and online projects I've had a hand in. And the meaning of life is somewhere at the bottom of the page. 

Online Course: Introduction to Philosophy

In this course, we examine and interrogate issues foundational to both the history of philosophy and to contemporary academic philosophy. The course consists of six topics: The Nature of Truth, Epistemology, Philosophy of Mind and Perception, Ethics, Politics, and Death. 

Click here to access these lectures on YouTube.

1000-Word Philosophy

I'm the creator and editor of 1000-Word Philosophy. I'm also an occasional author there. 1000-Word Philosophy is a constantly-growing collection of original essays on important philosophical topics. Professional philosophy can seem abstract, esoteric, and hyper-specialized. But we all ask and try to answer philosophical questions myriad times daily—philosophy is the purview not just of the expert, but of all thoughtful people. Our goal in writing and sharing these essays is to provide high-quality introductions to great philosophical questions and debates. Visit 1000-Word Philosophy.

Essays of mine at 1000-Word Philosophy:

External World Skepticism
The Gettier Problem
Introduction to Deontology: Kantian Ethics
The Ontological Argument for the Existence of God


The Meaning of Life

I recently unwittingly discovered the meaning of life. I'd like to share it with you so that together, we can can keep charlatans, quacks, mountebanks, flimflammers, and snake oil salesmen from attempting to steal our lives from us. The below video is a version of a talk that I originally gave to the University of Colorado, Boulder Philosophy Club.