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I sometimes participate in events that are recorded and I sometimes record myself doing philosophical things. On this page, you can find those recordings.


I have a YouTube channel on which I post videos on philosophical issues. Click below to visit the channel. Make sure to subscribe to see new videos as they are posted.  

Tolerance Is Bullshit

In September, I gave a talk entitled Tolerance Is Bullshit to the University of Colorado Philosophy Club. In that talk, I showed three things: 

  1. The invocation of the concept of tolerance is nearly always bullshit in Frankfurt's (1985) sense in that the person employing that concept is unconcerned with whether her statements regarding tolerance are true or false. 
  2. There is no moral norm of tolerance, since tolerance can be overridden, tolerance is not always a good thing, and sometimes, tolerance can be downright immoral. 
  3. Employing the concept of tolerance and attempting to be tolerant makes us intellectually lazy and content with our intellectual laziness. Instead, we ought to replace our use of the concept of tolerance with an actual moral concept, such as the concept of respect.

Here's the video: 

Veritas Forum 2016 at the University of Colorado, Boulder

In April, I participated in a Veritas Forum event at the University of Colorado, Boulder entitled "What Makes Our Lives Valuable? A Non-Theist Philosopher and a Christian Mathematician Discuss Individual Worth and Meaning." My interlocutor was Francis Su (Harvey Mudd) and the event was moderated by Matthew Koschmann (CU Boulder).